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A Goldsmith Quote…

Monday, July 14th, 2008

I am reading Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You ThereSo far, it is a great read and I have highlighted several quotes and snippets to share…This passage caught my eye…

  • Almost every participant who attends my leadership development program intends to apply what he or she has learned back on the job. Most do, and get better! And, as our research shows, many do absolutely nothing: they may as well have spent their time watching sitcoms instead of attending our training programs. (p. 23)

I found this passage interesting because it cuts to the core of my struggle with leadership development.  How humans change behavior.  Some of you may pick up on the apparent contradiction in his words.  Perhaps he struggles with the same question?  I would love to know the numbers behind “most” and “many.” Pick up this book! – Scott J. Allen

Starbucks: Radical Approach & Leadership Decision

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

So, I’m sure that many of you heard by now the news that Starbucks will be closing all of its approximately 7100 U.S. locations today from 5:30–8:30pm to educate its employees. Click here to read an article about it.

Now, after hearing this several thoughts ran through my head–other than the fact that caffeine addicts across the country will be slightly agitated this evening.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, took over 6 weeks ago. This is his first “big move” as the new leader of the company. Click here to read his “Communication #7″. He regularly posts communication on the Starbucks corporate website. Howard discusses organizational restructuring, layoffs, and a host of other large scale changes.

I have lots of questions…

The Leadership Development side of my brain is fascinated by the decision. How is this perceived by other top tier leaders in the organization? Was Howard brought in, six weeks ago, with the intent that he would enact all of this change? Does this type of radical change suit Howard’s preferred leadership style, or is this something he really had to prepare himself for?

The Organizational Development side of my brain (closely linked to the Leadership Development side) processes this differently. Regarding the “education” sessions happening this evening, how did they train staff accordingly to provide the education sessions? Was there some kind of a baseline done to assess the level of competency of staff members before providing the training? How will the Starbucks know if it was effective?

Check it out… If you find more information about the changes, let’s continue the conversation.


Teaching Leadership

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Ken Blanchard has an article at titled, Why We Can — and Should — Teach Leadership. Check it out! – Scott J. Allen

Cargill Establishes Center

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Check out the following article about a gift that Cargill has given to Kansas State University to establish the Cargill Center for Ethical Leadership within the Center for Leadership Studies at K-State.  – Scott J. Allen

Leadership Development Event

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Newsflash – SkillSoft to Host Live Leadership Development Channel Event Featuring Marshall GoldsmithSJA

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